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  • Black Cherry Tomatoes
  • Eastern Purple Coneflower
  • Cilantro

Black cherry tomatoes are a sweet tomato that produces robust clusters of dark red with a hint of deep green on top, 1 1⁄2” round fruits. It has a rich full tomato flavor, perfect for salads, garnishes, or culinary creations. There are few things better than snacking directly off the vine!

Black Cherry Tomato Info Card

Planting, Care & Harvesting Instructions

Known for beauty and herbal benefits, Eastern purple coneflower is the most popular type of Echinacea, with large purple flowers that are loved by pollinators and gardeners alike! These herbaceous, drought tolerant perennials are native exclusively to the Eastern US, and commonly found in open areas with abundant sun. 

Eastern Purple Coneflower Info Card

Planting, Care & Harvesting Instructions

Cilantro is an aromatic annual herb from the Parsley Family, providing a bright, spicy, citrus-like flavor. This classic staple of herb gardens, window sills and patio beds is used in many different cuisines worldwide for its leaves, as well as its dried fruits (or “coriander”).

Cilantro Info Card

Planting, Care & Harvesting Instructions

Getting Ready to Grow

Our Getting Ready to Grow Guide will help you decide which planting method is right for you, as well as what tools, pots, and soil you'll need to get started! 

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